Planet’s sustainability is one of the top subjects among researchers and society. One of the most pertinent questions is how to reuse waste and garbage generated by humans in an intelligent and sustainable way.

One solution is wide known, but little explored worldwide: to recycle plastic and turn it into a new product.

Another way to contribute to the sustainability of the planet is getting the wood waste from legalized sawmills. Because this way we avoid deforestation of tropical forests, which are so threatened by illegal logging that destroy the environment to supply the trade and the market of Construction.

In the 70s, in Europe, initiated a major shift towards sustainability of the planet. A new composite material called plastic wood was developed. This was called WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), a product that uses the recycled plastic in order to manufacture profiles that substitute the conventional wood in many applications with the advantage of durability of plastic. This versatile material was focused primarily on the civil construction sector, which is responsible for being one of the biggest polluters in the world.

Over the years, society has awakened to the importance of environmentally friendly products and services. The segment of Construction, to adapt to new market reality, began to seek cleaner and more sustainable alternatives to replace the traditional methods.
Realizing this new global trend, MADEPLAST launched the ecological wood, an innovative and 100% sustainable product, known as the Evolution of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

The composition of the ecological wood MADEPLAST is the union of recycled plastic derived from urban waste and disposal of industry and the wood leftovers from logging and sawmills.

All the versatility and sustainability of the ecological wood MADEPLAST indicate that soon almost all applications with conventional wood made for outdoor use will be replaced by the industrialized wood, making the world more pleasant for us and for future generations.

Nature and mankind thank you!